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High School Ski & Snowboard

Western Conference High School Ski and Snowboard Registration 2023

High School Ski & Snowboard Team

Welcome to the Western Conference High School Ski and Snowboard Team

CAR – Coulee Alpine Racing, Inc.

The school district’s contract with us to provide the coaching and management of the co-op high school ski and snowboard teams which include AOWS (Aquinas, Onalaska and West Salem) and Central/Logan.  If you attend another high school in our area and are interested in participating please contact us.


The Coulee Alpine Racing Ski team board completed their 501(c)(3) nonprofit status.  

Gear: There is a way to buy and sell used gear on our website.  Use the CONNECT tab at the top and scroll down to Equipment Exchange. You can then post a comment, with details of what you are selling or in search of using different categories of:  skis, boots, protective equipment, apparel or in search of.  

  • You will need to register with Sports Engine if you don’t already have an account
  • Additionally, you may want to list a link to Facebook marketplace (with pictures etc.)
  • Please be as specific/detailed as possible when describing your equipment, pricing, and contact information
  • IMPORTANT: Once your equipment has sold, or you’re no longer in search of something, please remove your post

Note: There is a chance that ski and snowboard equipment will sell out quickly this year so if you are purchasing new for the season please do so soon.  

If purchasing gear please keep in mind ski racers must have a hard-sided helmet to ski in the speed events at Mt. La Crosse Cup and State Meet.  

We look forward to the 2022-2023 season and will do our best to make it a great year!



Coulee Alpine Racing, Inc. Board and Staff